Prestige Nakshatra Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Handi

The all-new Prestige Nakshatra Alpha is really a major obligation stainless steel strain cooker with a unique Handi form. The high-excellent stainless steel makes certain sturdiness and an extravagant complete to add class and style on your kitchen. The brand new and improved strain regulator is designed for greater performance and toughness. The heavy-obligation alpha foundation in the cooker makes sure uniform heat distribution to Prepare dinner scrumptious food items genuine speedy. The lengthier warmth retention permits to avoid wasting Electrical power also. The alpha foundation is compatible with equally fuel stove and induction cooktop.

The ergonomically created handles have a snug grip, are user-pleasant and permit simple servicing. The metallic safety plug arrives into Participate in by melting when the temperature and strain increase over the protection levels, avoiding virtually any Prestige Nakshatra Alpha stainless steel Pressure Handi mishap. Cook delightful and become Secure Along with the new Status Nakshatra Alpha stainless steel Force Handi.

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